Lara Wolf 

Lara is a method actress whose work draws from every period of her life — from her birthplace of Tehran and upbringing in Zurich to her days as a Swiss TV personality and naturalized New Yorker. A rare cultural synergy (born to a Swiss father and Iranian mother) has endowed her with a global perspective. She is a polyglot who speaks Farsi, Swiss German, German, French, Italian and English.

In 2010 Lara was signed to the Swiss talent agency Modarta. A few months later she was booked as a model for the lingerie brand Triumph, traveling all over the country to represent the 102 year old line. The following year she became a host for the Swiss channel StarTV, interviewing Hollywood personalities such as Jeffrey Katzenberg and Jack Black. Observing successful actors’ aspects and determining what they are actually made of, Lara studied the ways in which stars comported themselves. In turn, this has allowed her to break the boundaries she had about acting as a profession.

In 2013 Lara graduated from the Lee Strasberg Institute two-year conservatory, where her mentors included Paul Calderon (Pulp Fiction, 21 Grams), Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket), Robert Ellermann, her vocal coach Bruce Baumer and Roberta Wallach, daughter of the legendary Eli Wallach. She is currently represented by Phoenix Artists in NYC.