Lara Wolf

Seven years ago I started my journey as an actress in NYC. I moved from Zurich, where I’m from and where I majored in Psychology while working as a TV-Host, a model and a singer. My birthplace is in Tehran and I was born to an Iranian mother and to a Swiss father and raised bilingually in Zurich. The yearly visits to Tehran have certainly shaped my idea of the world early on and therefore allowed me to inhabit and mold together, these two almost contradictory cultures, into one identity. While having been a little shy otherwise, the need to create and to perform was always unstoppably strong, for as far back as I can remember.

During my Psychology studies I developed an interest in The Method. Upon graduation I enrolled in the two year conservatory program at the Lee Strasberg Institute and moved to NYC. I’ve continued my studies with Paul Calderon and his wife Cathy, while growing my portofolio as a Swiss-Persian actress working continually in TV/Films as well as in theatre in America as well as in Europe. In the US I am represented on both coasts by Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc. In the UK I work with Suzann Wade Theatrical Agents.